LPS Professional Policy Development Council (PPDC)

What is PPDC?

The LPS Board of Education recognizes the Professional Policy Development Council as the designated representative of the certified staff. No other group shall be recognized by the Board of Education as representative of the Professional Staff.


Be the voice of the certified staff
•Propose policy amendments
•Initiate positive changes

Being the voice of the certified staff allows designated representatives to propose policy amendments that initiate positive changes within our classrooms, buildings, and district.

PPDC Representative Duties

•Represent your building
•Encourage open dialog between the professional staff
•Be a liaison between your building and PPDC

Representatives help create positive changes to enhance the quality of both the educational program and welfare of the professional staff in the their building.

Duties of the PPDC

•To comply with state law provisions the PPDC represents the professional employees of the district
•To evaluate and propose amendments of LPS policies and administrative procedures
•To receive and take action on proposals submitted by PPDC committees
•To consider studies, reports, and issues brought to the attention of the Council
•To initiate proposals

Click HERE for PPDC documents & Minutes:

Lawton Public Schools

PPDC Representatives


Almor West: Nicole Erwin-Mulligan nicole.erwinmulligan@lawtonps.org

Carriage Hills: Paige Gordon kgordon@lawtonps.org

Cleveland: Debbie Stoll debbie.stoll@lawtonps.org

Crosby Park: Lisa Madigan lmadigan@lawtonps.org


Eisenhower: Barbara Keck bkeck@lawtonps.org

Freedom: Kristie Bowling kkephart@lawtonps.org

Freedom: Belinda Henderson bhenderson@lawtonps.org

Freedom: Paul Henderson (chair) phenderson@lawtonps.org

Freedom: Jordan McKesson jordan.sizemore@lawtonps.org

Freedom: Denise Rooney drooney@lawtonps.org

Hugh Bish: Dianna Butler dbutler@lawtonps.org

Hugh Bish: Adalia Kamaunu akamaunu@lawtonps.org

Learning Tree:


Pat Henry: Wendy Brown wendy.brown@lawtonps.org

Pat Henry: Sha’Ree Castlebury scastlebury@lawtonps.org

Pat Henry: Teresa Mitchell tmitchell@lawtonps.org

Pioneer Park: Jamie Ortner jortner@lawtonps.org

Ridgecrest: Andrea Cook acook@lawtonps.org

Ridgecrest: Melinda Hathaway melinda.hathaway@lawtonps.org

Sullivan Village: Christy Fitch christy.fitch@lawtonps.org

Washington: Kandy Hoover khoover@lawtonps.org

Whittier: Patricia Leatherbury pleatherbury@lawtonps.org

Woodland Hills: Christa Bear christa.bear@lawtonps.org

Woodland Hills: Melissa Gibbs mgibbs@lawtonps.org

CMS: Holly Ford hford@lawtonps.org

CMS: Ashlee Leighow aleighow@lawtonps.org

CMS: Bethany Morlett bethany.morlett@lawtonps.org

EMS: Rhonda Cotton rcotton@lawtonps.org

EMS: Amy Price abprice@lawtonps.org

MMS: Elijah Morlett elijah.morlett@lawtonps.org

MMS: John Robertson jrobertson@lawtonps.org

MMS: Edward Wilmore edward.wilmore@lawtonps.org


EHS: Diann Brenner dbrenner@lawtonps.org

EHS: Joan Gablemann jgablemann@lawtonps.org

EHS: Corina Prince caprince@lawtonps.org

LHS: Allee Passmore apassmore@lawtonps.org

LHS: Alanna Prater aprater@lawtonps.org

LHS: Shaleah Ramirez-Sanchez shaleah.ramirez@lawtonps.org

LHS: Stackey Weeks sweeks@lawtonps.org

SSC: Pam Benskin pbenskin@lawtonps.org